Mortgage And Loan Advice

National Credit Code is important to borrowers and lenders it regulates the provision of credit including mortgages, personal loans and the law relating to credit cards.

Given the costs and risks in borrowing money, it is essential that you have access to reliable legal advice to protect you in a dispute.

Evelyn Gardis our Senior Associate manages our Banking Practice having gained her expertise in this field over the years acting for major credit providers, financial institutions, credit unions, non-bank lenders, individual borrowers and company borrowers.

The team can provide expert advice and representation to Lenders and Borrowers in regards to:

  1. National Credit Code and compliance
  2. Advising Borrowers/ Guarantors on mortgage documentation and guarantees
  3. Advising on Seniors Mortgages
  4. Enforceability of contracts subject to the Code
  5. Litigation arising out of alleged breaches of the Code
  6. The negotiation and security structure of banking and finance transactions
  7. The preparation of banking and finance documentation to secure the client’s position in relation to all types of loan and credit facilities, including regulated loans under the Code
  8. Advising Credit Providers on Loan Structures
  9. Advising on Letters/Deed of Priority and consents to second mortgages
  10. The negotiation and security structure of banking and finance transactions
  11. The release of mortgages and collateral securities in Australia
  12. Debt recovery procedures and litigation
  13. Corporate and Individual Solvency issues, including receiverships, liquidations, bankruptcies and administrations
  14. The enforcement of securities, mortgagee sales, re-possessions and the work out, realisation and restructuring of many problem accounts

Taylor and Scott have a team of dedicated experienced legal professionals who specialise in providing professional legal services to the mortgage industry over a number of years. Our expertise includes mortgage industry lending, compliance, procedures and documentation.

We provide our clients with practical advice aimed at solving any problem fast, so our clients can get on with business. We are structured for high volume work of this nature and can quickly accommodate a client needs and take on additional work as required.

We handle all aspects of mortgage lending work – from documentation to settlement, stamping and registration, as well as discharges and recovery. Our mortgage service is fast and reliable, with guaranteed performance standards

Our team has extensive experience in mortgage transaction work, including commercial and residential loans.

At Taylor & Scott “ We Care For You.”