Knocked off Harley Davidson Motor Accident Claim Successful

Harley Davidson Motor Accident Claim

Our client loved nothing more than to head out on the open road astride his Harley Davidson. Late one afternoon he was riding in a residential area when without warning a car turned from his left into his path. Our client had no chance to brake or swerve to avoid a collision. He went over the handlebars and was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, he was wearing a helmet and protective leathers. In the accident, he suffered a broken hand, fractured ribs, a fracture to his foot, injuries to his elbow and a head injury. Tragically his beloved Harley was a write-off.

He was rushed by ambulance to the hospital where he remained for several days. On his release from the hospital, he was unable to work for several months. Being a “tradie”, he needed to be physically fit to do his work. He was forced to rest and recuperate whilst undergoing physiotherapy until his broken bones mended. Eventually, he got back to work just as soon as he could. Initially he was only able to do light work, but fortunately, he had a partner in his business who was able to do the heavy lifting. Over time, most of his injuries settled down except for a painful hand which was continually aggravated by having to use a hammer. He also suffered dizzy spells and noticed some memory problems. His memory problems have continued as well as his unsteadiness and the pain in his hand. Ultimately he has been forced to retire from the workforce and go on the pension.

Simon Meigan, Partner and Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury and an expert in motor accident claims, assisted our client. Simon met with his client on numerous occasions. Having listened to the problems that his client was experiencing, Simon arranged for various expert doctors to examine his client. He was particularly concerned that he may be suffering from a mild brain injury and accordingly advised his client that it was imperative to monitor and review his client’s condition over a long period of time before concluding the case. Simon advised his client that once the case had been settled, there was no coming back if things deteriorated in the future, so a cautious approach was needed.

Fortunately, Simon’s client’s condition has not deteriorated and Simon was eventually able to meet the greenslip insurer of the vehicle at fault and successfully negotiate a lump sum settlement of the claim.


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