Employer and Small Business Legal Services

Industrial and employment law are ever-changing complex areas of law that require specialist expertise.

Taylor & Scott Lawyers’ close involvement in a number of industrial test cases means that we are at the leading edge of employment law knowledge and developments. In these uncertain times for employers and small business our experience and expertise in employment law can work for you, assisting you or your business through the maze of new laws, amendments and rapidly developing court interpretations of the new industrial laws.

Our work is tailored to the specific commercial and organisational needs of each client. We work effectively with our clients when sensitive issues are involved. We provide our clients with confident advice at short notice and within agreed timeframes.

Our advice is straightforward and accessible and by concentrating on solving the problem, rather than simply giving an isolated legal response, we build a long term strategic approach.

We provide a full range of services and can assist your business with representation and advice on:

At Taylor & Scott “ We Care For You.”