Independent Contractor or Really an Employee?

Has your employer called you an independent contractor, when you are really an employee?
Employees are entitled to a range of entitlements that independent contractors are not. However, this is a complex area of law, and determining when a person is an employee can be difficult.

If you are an employee, but you have been treated as a contractor, you may be entitled to payments for entitlements including annual leave, long service leave, sick pay, notice of termination, redundancy, superannuation, and other statutory payments.

Even if you are a genuine independent contractor, and you have not been paid, Taylor and Scott can help you to recover any unpaid amount.

We are experienced in calculating the value of your entitlements, and enforcing your rights to receive any underpaid amount.

Taylor and Scott act for workers in a range of employment matters, including disputes between contractors. We aim to act in a manner which is cost effective and which maximises the benefit to you. Most matters resolve without needing to proceed to litigation.

At Taylor & Scott, We Care For You.