Children can sometimes be the main casualties following the breakdown of a relationship if arrangements are not handled with care and sensitivity.

Intense and extreme emotion can render difficult the achievement of an agreement which must be, as required by the Family Law Act, in the best interests of the child.

Taylor & Scott’s family lawyers are experienced and skilled in guiding clients towards that ultimate goal. Parents are required to first attempt Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”) with an accredited practitioner, before the court will allow them to commence parenting proceedings. There are exceptions to the FDR requirement, but they are limited.

We have dealt with all facets of parenting matters over our longstanding history, from the most amicable of matters to the most complex of disputes that require investigation, expert opinion and judicial decision.

Children’s cases involve the issues of parental responsibility, residence and spending time with each parent. The ideal is to enable children to continue a close and loving relationship with each parent even if the parents no longer can.

If there can be no arrangement or agreement then we can act for you in the preparation of your case, the interviewing of witnesses, drafting applications and affidavits, appearing at court and, if necessary, instructing a barrister.

We do all we can to enable our clients to achieve the outcome they aspire to, provide accurate advice all the while ensuring it is in the best interests of the children.

At Taylor & Scott “ We Care For You.”