Choosing the Best Family Lawyers

It takes a long time to accumulate assets and investments and raising a family can be a person’s major focus for decades. Unfortunately, Australia suffers from high divorce and separation rates, and untangling affairs after years of shared existence can seem almost impossible. It’s important when choosing the best family lawyers to find a firm with specialists and a solid history of case winning success, such as Taylor & Scott Lawyers.

Who are the best family lawyers in Sydney?

There are a lot of lawyers in Sydney, but only a handful have a reputation built on trust over many decades of service. Taylor & Scott Lawyers have been assisting the people of Sydney and NSW since 1905 when the firm was established, and our team has grown to serve every need, including clients who expect the best family lawyers in Sydney.

Sydney is an expansive city yet people want convenience, so Taylor & Scott Lawyers provide a CBD head office along with branches in Lidcombe and Campbelltown, plus further afield NSW Law Offices in Newcastle and Wollongong. Taylor & Scott Family Lawyers are in demand for all the right reasons. We can offer you a confidential consultation and realistic appraisal of your potential for financial and other settlements. Here are just a few issues Taylor & Scott Family Lawyers can assist you with.

  • Consent Orders
  • Property Settlements
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Parenting Agreements
  • Binding Financial Agreements

What areas of family law do Taylor & Scott Lawyers specialise in?

The Family Law Act 1975 is a significant component of Australian Law, with legal outcomes determined by the Family Court of Australia or the Federal Circuit Court. However, most divorce and separation arrangements don’t require court intervention, and outcomes can be settled fairly with the assistance of an expert family lawyer.

Parenting, property and financial issues are all addressed by the Family Court. You may also be expected to attend family dispute resolution sessions prior to applying. Whether you reach an out-of-court agreement with your ex or you need to pursue matters further, Taylor & Scott Family Lawyers are ready to support you. Examples include:

  • You want to reach an agreement with your former spouse or partner regarding the division of assets, and don’t require a court order.
  • You agree on settlement arrangements but also want to formalise the agreement with a consent order from the Family Court.
  • An agreement cannot be reached, and you want to apply for financial orders, parenting orders, and/or other orders.

Court orders serve various functions. A final order is used to bring matters to a close while an interim order demands urgent attention until a final order can be made. Consent orders can also be agreed upon and formalised by both parties with appropriate legal assistance, potentially saving thousands of dollars in court fees and associated costs. Here are a few common court order scenarios.

Parenting: If you are concerned for the welfare, care and development of a child, you can apply for a parenting order at any time. Applicants are usually parents, though grandparents or other close relatives of the child can also have legal standing.

Financial (married couples): Any person who is married or was previously married can apply for a financial court order within 12 months of the divorce being finalised. Exceptions are only made with the Court’s permission.

Financial (de facto couples): The same conditions as for married couples apply, except you must apply for a de facto financial order within two years of the relationship breakdown.

When is the best time to contact a family lawyer?

Family Law is designed to protect every family member by establishing fair systems when people separate. If you are experiencing divorce or separation and need to know exactly where you stand, the time is now to contact a helpful and understanding family lawyer at Taylor & Scott Lawyers. We can show you your rights and responsibilities, guide you through the steps, and even negotiate with opposing parties on your behalf if required.

What is the best way to contact a Taylor & Scott family lawyer?

Taylor & Scott Lawyers are contactable in person, over the phone or online, and our helpful staff are ready to provide the information and advice you need. Conveniently located in the heart of Sydney’s legal and financial district at 12/276 Pitt St, Sydney, Taylor & Scott Lawyers are ready to help you make the change you deserve.

At Taylor & Scott, We Care For You.