Family Lawyers – Sydney

Sydney is an expansive and busy city, sprawling from the sunny coast to the foothills of the Blue Mountains. It’s often easy to get lost in the crowd. Despite this, some institutions remain well known in Sydney for their long-standing service to the community, such as Taylor & Scott Lawyers established in 1905. Taylor & Scott Family Lawyers in Sydney assist people in times of need when relationships break down.

Where can I get expert advice on Family Law in Sydney?

Family Law delivers a range of rights and obligations to spouses or partners when they separate. The Family Law Act 1975 includes couples in married, de facto and same-sex relationships, and also ensures any children from the relationship are cared for. Family Law affects all of us, and knowing where to get expert advice on family law is the first step in resolving difficult issues with your ex-spouse.

It’s important to work with a family law specialist, as less experienced lawyers may not have the knowledge-base and industry relationships required to establish a winning case. Larger firms such as Taylor & Scott Lawyers include experienced family law professionals who understand your story and represent you when the going gets tough.

What types of family law issues can a lawyer help you with?

Taylor & Scott Family Lawyers in Sydney understand every breakup is different and everyone requires support. We also realise that Family Law includes a ‘no fault’ clause when relationships end, so we offer impartial and fair advice while helping you and your ex-partner improve your separation outcomes.

Legal assistance can be an investment during separation or divorce. Your Taylor & Scott Family Law professional can help you draft a formal separation agreement without the need to go to court, saving everyone time, money and stress. The agreement can include financial, property and children’s matters, and is signed by both parties and legal representatives. The document can also be submitted to court as a binding agreement if requested.

After a shared experience expanding horizons and maybe even raising a family, it can be difficult to untangle things. Sorting out accumulated assets, shared finances and division of responsibilities during divorce or separation can stretch the emotional and financial health of anyone. The assistance of Taylor & Scott Family Law experts is a smart idea, with areas of Family Law that include:

  • Child Support
  • Consent Orders
  • Property Settlements
  • Spousal Maintenance
  • Parenting Agreements
  • Binding Financial Agreements

Children’s issues feature prominently in the Family Law Act. Vulnerable children are protected with court orders if necessary, and Taylor & Scott Lawyers can help in many ways, including:

  • Obtaining a parenting order or protection order for children
  • Obtaining child-bearing expenses from the father of a child
  • Obtaining the right for you to assist with the welfare and upbringing of a child

How can I contact a Sydney Family Lawyer?

Taylor & Scott Sydney Family Lawyers are easy to locate and always remain in touch to satisfy client needs. We understand your situation can weigh heavily, but it’s not the time to give up your rights or expectations, so we provide a comprehensive and confidential assessment of your situation, and can give you a realistic picture of potential outcomes.

Taylor & Scott Lawyers are contactable in person, over the phone or online, and our helpful staff are ready to provide the information and advice you need, according to your personal situation. We show you the big picture and offer guidance and support that strengthens your case and allows you to move on with life with the minimum of fuss.

Where are Taylor & Scott Family Lawyers located in Sydney?

Taylor & Scott Family Lawyers are conveniently located in the heart of Sydney’s legal and financial district, at 12/276 Pitt St, Sydney. We are among Sydney’s most highly-regarded legal firms, with branches in Lidcombe, Campbelltown, Newcastle & Wollongong and reach all around NSW.

At Taylor & Scott, We Care For You.