Family Law – Separation and Children’s Issues

Separation can be a stressful time for children, and how they react will depend on their age, temperament and ability of both parents to cooperate and avoid conflict. A child from a separated family can flourish and develop to their full potential, and Taylor & Scott Lawyers can help you and your family adapt to the changes and retain input into your child’s future.

What is considered when determining a child’s best interests?

The foremost consideration for children from broken homes is their safety from harm, abduction or abuse. It’s also important, wherever possible, for children to be supported by both parents and close relatives, allowing children to adapt with some familiarity. There are a lot of other considerations to weigh up also, including:

  • The child’s level of understanding
  • The child’s relationship with parents and grandparents
  • The extent the parents invest time and energy into their child’s upbringing
  • The practicalities of the child spending time away with one parent
  • Each parent’s ability to provide for the child’s ongoing needs

What decisions will parents have to make?

There are major decisions that parents need to make during their child’s upbringing, and arrangements will change with the passing of time. It’s important to remain in agreement at every stage regarding factors that will influence your child’s future. If you find yourself at loggerheads with your former spouse or partner, it’s a wise idea to call Taylor & Scott Lawyers before your situation escalates into a full-blown court case.

It’s in both parents interests to provide input into various areas of a child’s life, including:

  • Living arrangements
  • Education arrangements
  • Healthcare and wellbeing
  • Cultural upbringing
  • Religious upbringing

It’s natural for both parents to expect or demand equal time with their children, and Taylor & Scott negotiations experts can clinch the right deal with your former spouse, partner or legal representatives. In cases where spending substantial and significant time with your child will benefit his or her upbringing, we can help you keep relationships strong. Time spent with your child can include:

  • Weekdays, weekends and holidays
  • Involvement in your child’s daily routine
  • Involvement in special events significant to your child
  • Assisting with homework, sports, games, performances etc.
  • Cooking, cleaning-up and generally caring for your child’s welfare

Are the child’s wishes considered?

Separation and children’s issues focus on satisfying the wishes of everyone as best as possible. Your child’s wishes may be genuine, although impractical or impossible to implement due to circumstances they don’t fully understand. However, every child wishes to be safe, secure, well-fed and living with someone they love, and everything that can be done should be done to make this ideal possible.

What happens if an agreement cannot be reached?

If your relationships deteriorate and a suitable custody arrangement can’t be reached, the matter may ultimately go to court, with decisions out of your hands. The Court takes all evidence into consideration prior to making child custody decisions that are also based on the welfare of the child.

However, nobody knows the needs of a child better than the parents and the child themselves, so arranging a suitable parenting plan with the assistance of Taylor & Scott mediation is the more satisfying option. Your confidential assessment with our Family Law expert will clarify your separation and children’s issues and provide tips and a solid foundation for your position. When the going gets tough, we are your backup, making sure you get the outcome you deserve.

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