Holiday Accidents

This area of the law can be extremely complex. It is imperative to obtain expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

If you are injured on a domestic holiday within Australia, you may have rights to bring a negligence claim against the person or organisation that caused your injury. Here at Taylor & Scott Lawyers, we have acted in numerous cases for injured holiday makers. Examples of claims are –

  • Slipping over because the tiles in a bathroom in a hotel were glazed and should not have been used in “wet areas”.
  • Falling over a hotel balcony where the balcony was not at the correct height.
  • Unsafe practices in hotels such as turning off lights on balconies, walkways and other access points whereby injuries have been caused to holiday makers.
  • Food poisoning cases.
  • Negligence arising from dangerous driving causing injury to passengers.
  • Walking through glass doors where no proper safety glass is installed and no warnings were placed on the glass.

These are but a few examples of the types of holiday accidents which Taylor & Scott have acted in.

If you are injured in Australia on holiday, try and take photographs of the cause of the injury. Make sure you lodge a formal complaint with the place where the accident occurred. Take the name of any witnesses to your accident. Make sure that you keep records of all expenses that you incur as a result of your injuries. Ensure that you obtain the name and address of any treatment providers that deal with your injuries whilst you are on holiday.

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Injured On International Holidays?

The same advice applies if you are injured on an overseas holiday. Unfortunately if you are in a Third World country, the place where you had your injury may not have had proper insurance but this can be checked out at a later time. Sometimes the negligence can be sheeted home to a tour operator here in Australia or overseas. More often than not, they will have insurance to cover such events.

Again, if you are injured on an international holiday, please ensure that you take photographs of the scene of your accident, obtain the name and addresses of any witnesses to your accident, make sure you inform the place where you were injured of the fact and circumstance of your injury, attempt to get something in writing acknowledging your report of the injury. If you require medical treatment, try and get a report, even if it is in a foreign language, as it can be translated later. Ensure that you keep a diary of your treatment and how the accident affected your holiday. Keep records of all your expenses.

There are a number of time limits, conventions and exemptions that may apply to your particular circumstance. You may be able to claim compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, loss of income past, present and future, and damages for the effect of the injuries on your holiday. At Taylor & Scott we offer a Free Case Assessment in all holiday accidents. If we act for you it will be on a no-win/no-pay basis. We have acted in many cases in every state of Australia and overseas we have litigated claims in Fiji, the United Kingdom, USA and Europe.

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