Guide to the Global Talent Visa (GTI)

The Global Talent Visa-Independent Program (GTI) is a priority visa pathway for highly skilled individuals to migrate permanently to Australia.

The program aims to keep Australia competitive in ten key sectors and well equipped for global economic growth trends.

The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for identifying high calibre applicants and granting visas for the program. Below is a breakdown of the eligibility criteria to apply for the Global Talent Visa Program.

Am I Eligible For GTI?

The primary consideration for the Global Talent Visa-Independent Program is to be highly skilled in one of the Government’s ‘target sectors’ with the ability to attract a salary at or above the high-income threshold.

The high-income threshold is currently $158,500 (AUD). Fair Work Australia adjusts the threshold every financial year.

The Department will assess the applicant’s ability to earn the threshold through:

  • Current salary
  • Job offers
  • Recent PhD graduates in the target sectors

Below are the target sectors listed on the Department of Home Affairs website with examples of specialisations (applicants are not limited to the examples listed in the sector).

  • Resources (engineering, geology, metallurgy, waste management, energy-saving technology, extraction and processing)
  • Agri-food and AgTech (seed technology, nanomaterials, biofuels, supply chain and packaging, wearable technologies)
  • Energy (clean energy, resource robotics, computational metallurgy, geostatistics, beneficiation, battery/energy storage)
  • Health Industries (medical and biomedical technology, pharmaceutical and vaccine research and development, IT biochemistry, digital health, implantables and wearable devices, genomics)
  • Defence, Advanced Manufacturing and Space (astrodynamics, satellite systems, rocket and avionics systems, urban mobility, military equipment acquisition and sustainment, automation and robotics, nano-manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing and life-cycle engineering)
  • Circular Economy (bioenergy, sustainable production, recycling, waste treatment, waste to energy technology, emissions technology, ecologically sustainable manufacturing)
  • DigiTech (quantum computing, cyber sciences, cyber security, artificial intelligence, blockchain & IoT, big data, disruptive technology, smart cities, machine learning, network engineering, cloud computing)
  • Infrastructure and Tourism (travel and tourism infrastructure, water infrastructure, energy infrastructure, regional development)
  • Financial Services and FinTech (neobanking, payment systems, wealth and regtech, blockchain)
  • Education (cutting edge skills in emerging fields of the industry, developing advanced educational systems and curricula, improving the education infrastructure in Australia, digital data and eResearch platforms)

Other Considerations For GTI

The first Global Talent Independent visa was granted in 2019 and has since had a growing number of positions made available.

  • 2019/20 – 5000 positions
  • 2020/21 – 15,000 positions
  • 2021/22 – 15,000 positions

Before applying for GTI, you need to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Global Talent Independent Program.

The Department of Home Affairs then issues invitations to candidates who meet the program requirements. Candidates can then apply for a Global Talent Visa using a unique identifying number (UIN) provided in the invitation.

You will then be required to undergo a medical assessment and have a case officer process your application.

Applicants need to have a record of exceptional achievements in their chosen field. Examples of supporting documents for achievements are publications, patents, presentations and references (who can attest to your abilities).

Another integral component of the GTI program is being nominated by an Australian organisation or individual (Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen).

The individual or organisation needs to be prominent in the same field and attest to your talent and why you should be part of the GTI program.

GTI visas can include a spouse and children. Family members applying need to undergo the same medical assessment, and adult family members need to have functional English (IELTS 4.5 or PTE 30) or pay an additional fee.

Key benefits of the Global Talent Visa:

  • Priority visa processing
  • No age limit for applicants
  • Australian employer sponsorship is not necessary
  • It is not a point tested visa
  • English proficiency is lower than other visas
  • Applications can be made in Australia or abroad
  • GTI grants permanent residency
  • Live and work anywhere in Australia
  • Access to Australia’s government-run healthcare system
  • Access to State schooling

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