The Need For A Power Of Attorney Or Enduring Guardianship

Most people may have a will, or at least recognise its importance, however a Will only has effect when you have passed away.

An Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Guardianship are sometimes misunderstood documents. These documents allow for you to appoint someone who can manage your financial and lifestyle affairs while you are alive.

Not many people expect to be unable to handle their own affairs however this can easily occur during one’s life time for various unexpected reasons, such as serious accident or health issues. For this reason many people feel comfort knowing that they have planned ahead and have the right legal documents in place just in case something does happen to them.

Planning ahead involves picking a suitable person whom you trust to act as your attorney or guardian and talking to them to communicate your wishes for the future. The final stage is making a formal arrangement by drawing up the formal Enduring Power of Attorney or Enduring Guardian to give effect to your wishes.

You need to consider whether you make formal arrangements in anticipation of the need, and whether your trusted friends and family could make the decisions you would want to make, if you lose capacity yourself or are unable to attend to matters personally due to travel or illness.

For instance you will require formal arrangements for someone to act on your behalf if you lose capacity to access your bank accounts to pay bills.

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