Professional Negligence

Have you been Affected by Professional Negligence?

A professional should be just that, professional. When we engage the services of a professional in any area, whether it be financial, legal, medical or other, we trust that they will provide the right advice, and exercise reasonable care and skill when they administer their services. Professionals working in all fields are often required to…

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Migration Agent

Do You Need a Migration Agent?

Australia is indeed ‘the lucky country’ and it’s no secret. Each year thousands of individuals from around the world and within Australia apply to live and work permanently in Australia, attracted by job opportunities, lifestyle and a comfortable climate. Australia has a long history of migration and that tradition continues today, but the laws and…

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Medical Negligence Claim

Making a Medical Negligence Claim

Risks are an inherent part of surgery. The decision to go ahead with a surgical procedure will involve weighing up possible dangers with known benefits and achievable outcomes. A patient, in consultation with their doctor, should enter into surgery with all the necessary information, and while Australians have access to high quality healthcare, even standard…

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Australian Working Visa 457 changes

Significant Changes to Australia’s 457 Visa

  On 18 April 2017, the government announced rigorous changes to Australia’s Temporary and Permanent Employer Skilled Migration Work Visa Programmes. Besides some immediate changes, the 457 Visa will make a way for a completely new Temporary Skill Shortage visa in March 2018. The 457 visa programme has been known to be one of the…

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Changing a Parenting Order

Changing a Parenting Order

Life rarely stands still, and just as a child grows and changes a parent’s circumstances may also change significantly. A lot can change from the time when an initial parenting order is made and the factors that determined the original parenting order may no longer apply or be relevant. For example the maturity of the…

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Injury Compensation Time Limits

Injury Compensation Time Limits You Should Be Aware Of

Compensation law is a broad category that covers a wide range of personal injury matters. The guiding principle in this area of law provides that when a person suffers physical or psychological injury or death as a result of someone else’s negligent actions, a compensation claim can be made. Personal injuries are many and varied,…

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Liability Waiver

What Does it Mean When You Sign a Liability Waiver?

You’re about to participate in a recreational activity, perhaps the excitement is building, but before you can begin you’re being asked to sign a document with the phrase ‘in case of injury or death’ – talk about a buzzkill! Seeing the word ‘death’ in any context can be alarming, let alone before you embark on…

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What Does the Law Say About Redundancy?

‘It’s not you, it’s me.’ It’s the break-up one-liner you never want to hear, but when it comes from your employer such an excuse needs to be justified. What is Redundancy? When an employee is dismissed because their job is no longer required, or where the employer becomes insolvent or bankrupt, the employee is said…

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Buying Block of Land

Tips for Buying a Block of Land

Purchasing a block of land represents an exciting opportunity for buyers. It’s a chance to let the imagination run wild. Choosing land instead of an existing house gives families and couples, both young and old, an opportunity to create their dream home from the ground up! Shopping around for the perfect block of land may…

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Partner Visa

New Requirements For Partner Visa Sponsorship

New limitations on approval of sponsorships for various partner visas came into effect as of 18 November 2016. Andrew Woo, Registered Migration Agent here at Taylor and Scott, discusses the effect of the new law introduced with the intention of protecting prospective visa applicants from domestic violence related offenders who may be seeking to sponsor…

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