Hidden Loopholes of Travel Insurance

The Hidden Loopholes of Travel Insurance

If you’re getting ready to jet set then you’re probably busy ticking items off the travel ‘to do’ list, and any list wouldn’t be complete without a reminder to take out travel insurance. For many Australians, it is essential to have travel insurance, well before they fly. And rightly so, travel insurance gives travellers peace…

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Industrial Deafness

Industrial Deafness

Industrial deafness is a progressive condition that generally affects hearing at high frequencies. It happens over a period of time as a result of prolonged exposure to a noisy working environment. A worker who is suffering from industrial deafness may have difficulties: communicating on the telephone hearing the television or radio without having the volume…

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Short Term Holiday Letting Laws

The Debate on Short-term Holiday Letting Laws

For many years short-term holiday rentals, at least in Australia, were limited to desirable holiday locations and sleepy coastal towns. The rise of Airbnb and other online letting agencies has changed that with more and more homeowners cashing in on short-term holiday letting. Properties up for rent range from inner city units right through to…

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Injuries at Gym Compensation

Injuries at the Gym – Are you Entitled to Compensation?

Headlines were made in late March this year when it was revealed Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies is suing a Melbourne gym after he suffered a serious injury while training there. The famous drummer seriously injured his shoulder after his trainer allegedly insisted he lift a weight which he claimed was too heavy. The injury has…

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Grandparents rights with grandchildren

What are your Rights as a Grandparent?

Becoming a grandparent is a joyous occasion filled with excitement. Meeting their grandchild for the first time is a moment that many grandparents won’t forget. Unfortunately relationships between grandparents, their adult children or partners, and consequently their grandchildren are not always easy. While some grandparents are afforded every opportunity to bond with their grandchildren, there…

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Medical Appointments

Medical Appointments and The Role of The Employer Representative

Injured workers are required to have a nominated treating doctor. This is the doctor (a General Practitioner, not a Specialist) who will be responsible for supplying the injured worker with the Certificate of Capacity and participate in the management of the claim and the return to work process. Some employers will try to push injured…

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Overseas Holiday Injury

Have You Been Injured on your Overseas Holiday?

Injuries can happen anytime, anywhere, even while you’re taking it easy on an overseas holiday. From a simple trip and fall in the grounds of a resort to joining in local adventure or leisure activities, all can lead to a serious injury. Unfortunately the cost of sustaining an injury overseas comes at a far greater…

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Psychological Injuries – Workers Compensation Claims

Psychological injuries can be the hardest of injuries to prove. Often they involve a number of events over a period of time and evidence is limited as it is often one person’s word against another. Even when there are witnesses, these people are reluctant to become involved due to concerns for the repercussions that may…

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Australian Student Visa

Working on an Australian Student Visa – What are the Rules?

Each year thousands of students arrive in Australia on Australian student visas. This visa allows students to stay in Australia while they are studying a course that is registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses. Before a student visa is granted, the applicant must be accepted to a course and meet certain criteria,…

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Cycling Accident

What Should you do after being Injured in a Cycling Accident?

Cycling is more popular than ever, with many commuters choosing to cycle to work in an effort to avoid increased traffic and improve their general health and wellbeing. On the weekend, cyclists take to the roads to enjoy this leisurely pastime. Roads and traffic authorities continue to accommodate the growing number of cyclists on the…

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