Gyprock Fixer’s Severe Back Injury Leads to Failed Back Surgery and Damages Payout

Our client is a relatively young man working in the construction industry as a gyprock fixer. He was part of a gyprock fixing team working on a hospital renovation. The team were instructed to fix gyprock panels to various walls. Scaffolding was provided but unfortunately no thought had been given by the employer as to…

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Will Dispute De Facto Partner

Death of De Facto Partner Leads to Family Provision Claim for Surviving Partner Cut Out of Will

Recently our team of experts in family provision matters, led by Evelyn Gardis, a Partner here at Taylor & Scott, acted for a lady who was in her early 90s. Our client had been in a de facto relationship with her partner for more than fifteen years. They had lived happily in country NSW. Our…

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Compensation Payout Rigger Dogman

Fall at Work Destroys Rigger Dogman’s Employment – Large Damages Payout Secured

Our client is in his late 40s. He has always worked doing hands-on hard physical yakka. Working an average of 60 hours per week, he was earning big money as a rigger dogman in the construction industry. His world fell apart when he suffered severe injuries at work. Working on a construction site, our client…

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Worn Out Brickie Succeeds in Workers Compensation Lump Sum Claim

Our client has spent his lifetime laying bricks. He was a “gun” bricklayer laying several hundred bricks a day. He has spent nearly fifty years constantly bending, lifting and carrying bricks. He has been on his feet up to ten hours a day. In 2014, he started suffering pain in his knee and thigh. He…

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workers compensation hernia claim

Injured Labourer Wins Hernia Claim After Being Denied by Workers Compensation Insurer

Our client was a construction labourer working in the building industry in Sydney. His job entailed repetitive lifting and carrying of building frames, trusses, beams, together with cleaning up duties which involved the use of shovels, brooms and jackhammers. Last year whilst performing his duties, he developed pain in his abdomen. Initially he didn’t think…

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Motor vehicle accident motorbike

Motorbike Rider Seriously Injured in Accident – Substantial Damages Awarded

Our client worked in the security industry. On this day, he was riding his motorbike to work when a car travelling in the opposite direction turned across his path seriously injuring our client. In the accident, he was knocked unconscious, received numerous injuries to his wrist, arm, elbow, shoulder, knee, ribs, back and a punctured…

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workers compensation negligence construction ride on roller

Compo Insurer Refuses to Pay For Surgery to Injured Worker – Successful Workers Compensation Claim

Our client worked as a construction worker & his job required him to operate a ride on roller. On this day he was reversing his roller, smoothing out an area of ground in preparation for building work. As he reversed his roller he struck a large rock causing the roller to rise up and fall…

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Cleaner sexual harassment bullying workers comp

Bullying & Sexual Harassment of Cleaner at Work Leads to Large Damages Payout

Our client came to Australia from overseas, she had very limited English. She attended English classes and eventually was able to obtain employment as a cleaner. At work she started experiencing bullying and harassment from various male co-workers and supervisors. She spoke up and made a number of complaints but these fell on deaf ears….

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Tower Crane workers compensation

Tower Crane Loses Control of Load – Worker Suffers Crush Injuries & Wins Large Payout

WORKERS COMPENSATION SUCCESS STORY Our client worked for a formwork company who were contracted to construct formwork on a building site. On this day as our client carried out his duties, a crane was slewing a load nearby. As the load was slewed the crane lost control of the load crushing our client. As a…

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Back Injury Supermarket Night Filler

Casual Nightfiller Injures Back – Lump Sum Compensation Awarded

Our client was a casual nightfiller at a supermarket. Her job involved working through the night filling the shelves with grocery items. Prior to our client’s injury, the procedure adopted by the supermarket was to break down the boxes and place individual items on the shelving. At one point, our client’s supervisor instructed that from…

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