Labourer Falls 10 Metres


Recently, Simon Meigan, Partner at Taylor & Scott, completed a claim for a labourer who fell 10metres after his boss instructed him to remove a safety rail to perform a task. As a result of the fall, our client has been left with ongoing pain in his back (the result of fractures in 3 vertebrae). He has been unable to return to his work as a labourer and is restricted in what he can do. This has created problems at home as he is no longer able to help around the house performing such simple jobs as putting out the garbage bins or mowing the lawn.

Simon Meigan commenced a work injury damages claim against the employer which has resulted in a very substantial payment to our client. Commenting on the case, Simon Meigan said: “Some employers either don’t think or don’t care about the safety of their employees. A safety rail is put up to protect people from falling. Removing a safety rail and ordering a worker to perform tasks without proper safety equipment is just plain stupid and asking for trouble”.

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