Car Accidents

Most Australian adults chance car accidents daily. Our regular routines force us to get behind the wheel and into situations involving speed, other vehicles and limited room for error, with safety reliant on human ability to negotiate obstacles and reach the destination. Car accidents are unfortunately destined to happen, usually the result of human error, although mechanical failure and other unforeseen circumstances are also possible, and victims of car accidents need to know their legal rights for compensation.

Taylor and Scott Lawyers are compensation specialists with a proud history. Early last century, when Henry Ford hadn’t yet even conceived of the Model-T Ford, Taylor and Scott Lawyers were assisting accident victims to claim their rightful restitution. A lot has changed since the old days, but Taylor and Scott Lawyers are here to stay and ready to fight for the rights of a whole new generation. Most people prefer not to squabble over money, so Taylor and Scott take your case on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis as a surety, establishing a car accident compensation claim team capable of a win-win resolution.

Who can make a car accident compensation claim?

Most motor accidents involve more than one vehicle. Although not all accidents are caused by negligent driving, many are, with compensation claims a highly-likely outcome. There are lots of ways negligence can result in an accident, such as deteriorating road condition, loose livestock, fallen trees and other extremely dangerous situations. In cases where injury has occurred due to someone else’s failure of responsibility, car accident compensation is the appropriate legal avenue to pursue. Anyone involved in car accidents, including drivers, passengers and pedestrians, can make a strong compensation claim case with the help of Taylor and Scott Lawyers.

Car Accident Compensation - Rear End Collision

How can a car accident compensation lawyer help?

A no obligation, confidential consultation is time well spent when legal advice is required. Rather than wasting time making vague promises, proficient car accident compensation specialists get on with the job of analysing the specifics, strengthening supporting documentation, and providing a realistic appraisal of potential outcomes. Taylor and Scott Lawyers proceed with caution, backed by a superior knowledge base and decades of dedicated compensation experience.

Every legal field is further expanded into specialist areas, and compensation law is no exception. At Taylor and Scott Lawyers, you are guaranteed the assistance of a highly experienced and duly qualified compensation specialist, ensuring a targeted and comprehensive approach from the outset. Wading through confusing and complex documents and deciphering legal jargon is no place for a beginner, while mistakes and oversights can be costly in compensation matters, so hiring the best lawyer possible provides the greatest chance of maximum payout. Taylor and Scott assistance includes:

  • All car accident compensation claim forms filled out and submitted correctly
  • Advice regarding the collection and collating of supporting evidence for your claim
  • Financial assistance for obtaining medical reports and other documents
  • Ongoing lawyer/client communication regarding the application process and progress
  • The ‘No Win No Fee’ guarantee that ensures a strong lawyer/client relationship
  • Decades of dedicated and determined experience assisting car accident victims

What can a car accident victim claim for?

Serious car injuries are traumatic, while ongoing medical conditions or disabilities are not uncommon. The scars can last a lifetime, including emotional and psychological problems along with the more obvious physical damage. Restitution is warranted and expected in any progressive society where safety and security of property and persons is the norm and fairness is valued. Car accident compensation is a monetary value relative to past, present and future needs of accident victims, including:

  • Reimbursement for medical expenses and ongoing treatment
  • Compensation for loss of wages, past and future
  • Compensation for domestic assistance and additional help
  • Compensation for pain or suffering, physical or emotional

How can I help my car accident compensation claim?

Most people are in a degree of shock or emotional distress immediately after a car accident. It’s not uncommon for details to become confused or information lost while focussing on the wellbeing of family members, friends, or oneself. However, honest and accurate information is required for a successful claim, and following a few simple guidelines can provide all the help needed. Steps include:

  • Seek medical assistance immediately
  • Immediately inform the police and note any event or incident number given
  • Inform your treating doctor of the circumstances surrounding your injuries
  • Note contact details, registration, and insurance details of the driver at fault
  • Note names and contact details of any witnesses to the accident
  • Keep all documents, receipts and medical records related to the accident

A car accident compensation claim is only as strong as the supporting evidence provided, and with Taylor and Scott Lawyers on your side you will have all the support you need for car accident compensation success and financial stability moving forward.