Eligible Persons For Family Provision Claims

Under Section 3 of the Succession Act, eligible person is one that can make an application for a Family Provision Orders to the Court, in respect of the estate or notional estate of a deceased person to provide maintenance, education or advancement in life.

Under Section 57 of the Succession Act, the following persons are eligible to make claim:

(a)           surviving husband or wife of the deceased person;

(b)           a person who was living in a de-facto relationship with the deceased person;

(c)           a child of a deceased person, including an adopted child;

(d)           a former divorced husband or wife of the deceased;

(e)           a person who was:

(i)             wholly or partly dependent on the deceased person; or

(ii)            a member of the household of the deceased person.

(f)            a person who was in a close relationship with the deceased person.

Under the law, eligible people are able to make a claim on the following grounds:

(a)           if they were dependent on the deceased;

(b)           if the share of the deceased’s property is not adequate for their maintenance and support;

(c)           if the relationship between the deceased and the eligible persons began after the last Will was made;

(d)           if the Will does not provide enough for the eligible persons who were ex-partners or children from previous marriages or de facto relationships;

(e)           if the eligible persons believe that the Will is grossly unfair;

(f)            if the eligible persons can prove that the Will maker was not in sound mind when the Will was prepared;

(g)           if the eligible persons can prove that the Will maker was unduly influenced by one or more of the other beneficiaries of the Will; or

(h)           if the Will is not clear.

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