3 Things To Look For In A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you’ve been injured physically or physiologically or exposed to a dangerous chemical at work, you need to speak to a workers’ compensation lawyer right away. Sometimes your injury may not at first be obvious eg. If your work is heavy or repetitive it may take many years for your condition to affect you.

You will want to hire a compensation lawyer who cares about you and your family, has experience handling workers’ compensation claims, communicates with you and will fight the insurance company to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

Here are three things you should keep in mind when choosing a workers’ compensation lawyer to help you.

Experience Matters

It’s important to hire a specialist in whatever type of legal problem you may have. For a workers’ compensation matter, this is even more important. Your livelihood and that off your family is at stake.

Workers’ compensation schemes vary state to state in Australia. Your lawyer should be very familiar with all of the compensation laws in your state.

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer will:

  • Meet with you and offer a free case assessment
  • Hire the right experts for your case to make it strong right from the start
  • Have the financial, medical and expert resources to support your claim
  • Stand up against big insurance companies
  • Understand what you’re going through
  • Keep you from being sent to multiple doctors so that the employer gets the diagnosis that is best for them, not you
  • Work with the various schemes on an everyday basis
  • Fight to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

The right compensation lawyer will keep the insurance company from taking advantage of you, and ensure you get the right advice from the start.

Communication Is Crucial

Look for a lawyer who is committed to keeping you up to date on the progress of your case and one who treats you with sympathy and respect. Your compensation lawyer will work efficiently and diligently on your behalf and keep everything confidential.

You should expect the following from your workers’ compensation lawyer:

  • A thorough explanation of how the workers’ compensation laws work in NSW
  • That your phone calls will be returned in a timely manner
  • That any questions about your case will be answered promptly
  • A detailed summary of the workers’ compensation process
  • An estimate of how long your case will take
  • Assistance with procuring benefits and finalising the settlement process.

Get Fees and Costs Explained Upfront To You

In workers’ compensation cases in NSW, your lawyer should make an application to WIRO, seeking funding to run your workers’ compensation claim.

If WIRO grants legal assistance there will be no costs for you to pay. Your lawyer should not ask you for any money to run your workers’ compensation claim.

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