Pedestrian Hit By Car Awarded Compensation

Our Pedestrian Injury Compensation Lawyers led by Simon Meigan, recently concluded a car accident compensation claim for a widow.

Our client had walked up to her local club after dinner to socialise with her friends.  On her way home whilst crossing the road in a marked pedestrian crossing, she was struck by a car and suffered a serious injury to her knee.  

Our pedestrian client spent three weeks in hospital where she required surgery to insert a plate into her fractured leg.  Following release from hospital, her family had to assist her in and around her home as her husband had passed away several years ago.

On contacting our Pedestrian Injury Compensation Legal Team here at Taylor & Scott, arrangements were made to meet our client at her home as due to her disabilities, she was unable to travel to one of our offices.   Simon attended on his client taking her instructions, assisting her to complete all forms necessary to put the greenslip insurer on notice and acted for his client on a no-win/no-pay basis.


Simon claimed compensation for his client under the following categories:

  • A lump sum for her injuries as she exceeded the 10% whole person impairment threshold.
  • A lump sum for her ongoing loss of wages (she had a small part time job which she could no longer do because of her injuries).
  • A lump sum to pay for her past and future medical expenses.
  • A lump sum to compensate for the assistance that she needed from others e.g. in cleaning her home and maintaining her garden.

The compensation claim was submitted to the greenslip insurer of the car at fault.  Eventually a mediation was agreed to and Simon was able to negotiate a very satisfactory settlement of the pedestrian injury compensation claim.


If you are a pedestrian and are injured by a car, bus, truck, bike or taxi, please contact us on 1800 600 664 or complete the Contact Form on this page.  Our team of Pedestrian Injury Compensation Lawyers will visit you in hospital, at your home or in one of our offices.  They offer a Free Case Assessment.  If they act, it will be done on a no-win/no-pay basis, meaning if you don’t win, they don’t get paid.

Our team of expert Pedestrian Injury Compensation Lawyers will do everything they can to help you to a better future.

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